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Blizzard turns 20…

11 Mar

Didn’t had the time to write anything decent this week, but didn’t want it to go by without sharing this video with you:

It’s a nice retrospective of one of the most influential game development companies in the world, and it has some nice trivia and behind the scene looks… It’s really something, thinking that a small group of dedicated people could create something like that!

Another good link to share was written by David Amador on his blog, and he talks about motivation and game development, check it out at

And that’s it for this week… Work has been hectic, but I’m almost reaching the first deadline of an important project, and most stuff should be simple and neat from here on, so I expect to have more time for game dev stuff in the near future!


Sick as a dog…

07 Mar

Sorry about the lack of updates lately, but last week I’ve been sick as a dog with a nasty flu.

Other than that, work has been keeping me busy and exhausted (currently trying to optimize my current server system memory-wise, without loosing too much performance)…

So this update isn’t just a "oh, sorry about the lack of updates" post, here’s the winners of the IGF:

No big surprises there, but it’s good to see Amnesia taking home so many of the prizes!

Hopefully at the end of the week I’ll have some more stuff to share with you guys!

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