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Some work done…

31 Jul

Finally had some time this weekend to put into “Grey”, you can see the fruit of that work in the video below, and hop into Spellcaster Studios’ blog for more information.


Assassin’s Creed

27 Jul

In my spare time (very little of it, unfortunately), I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed, and I’m having a blast, although it is not a good game for those that of us that have a slight OCD tendency…

The game is bloody huge if you try to finish everything (every side quest, every secret, etc)…

The game features very good writing indeed… I was particularly inspired by the ceremony where one of your recruited trainees becomes an Assassin:

It’s short, no frills, but Ezio’s words embody the nature of the Assassins in this game:

Nothing is true… Everything is permitted…

Powerful stuff indeed… Smile

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And we’re back!

20 Jul

Back from Germany, although buried in work…

For the next weeks I won’t be able to put much work into Grey, so the technical side will be a bit delayed… Hopefully the artist will manage to keep busy and show some new stuff!

Anyway, just to let you all know we’re still alive!

Here’s a photo of me relaxing in the Rockharz Festival, waiting for lunch to finish grilling:


We had an awesome time there! Smile Too bad we also got plenty of work as well! Disappointed smile

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I know, I know…

06 Jul

…I’ve been remiss in my blog updates lately, and for that I’m terribly sorry… Disappointed smile

RealJob™ is still taking it’s toll, since one of my colleagues left (think I mentioned that), and while we can’t find a suitable replacement, I have to do both my job and his… Add that to the startup of a new project, and I’m beat…

Besides RealJob™, the refactoring task on Spellbook took all my remaining time, but the good news is that the hardest part is done now, which is awesome!

Anyway, next week I’ll be away in Germany, half for work reasons, and the other half to go to the Rockharz Festival (since I’m nearby)…

Hopefully I’ll only have one more month of overdrive, and then I’ll be able to have some vacation time and work some more on Grey

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