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Isometric goodness!

12 Mar

Hi everyone…

I’m still playing XCom lately, doing campaigns in Ironman mode (the only way to play after the first campaign), and the game is the gift that keeps on giving… It’s so full of awesome, it should be mandatory for all game designers to play it over and over again until they learn! I’ve always been a fan of this kind of strategy/isometric games, but my appetite for those has not been quenched in the last years…

But now, us fans of turn-based/isometric games are going to have a field-day in the next months…

First of all, take a look at indie game Underrail:


Currently on alpha, it’s already looking like it can be an exciting game

And on another note, here’s a mission walkthrough for “Shadowrun Returns”:


The amount of fun they seem to be having playing their game is awesome! Smile

Both of this games have an Achilles heel: the graphics… I don’t like the graphical look of neither, but I’ll overlook that for all the isometric goodness that will come from them. “Shadowrun Returns” will be awesome, with all the map editing and quest building options, besides a game that seems to have all the good stuff of XCom… Hope they’ll allow for coop multiplayer on that!

This is what I’d like for Grey to be, but in realtime… although I’m starting to question that choice! Winking smile

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