Going Native 2012

05 Mar

I’ve been watching the videos from the Going Native 2012 conference, and they’re extremely interesting.

I recommend everyone that’s interesting in native coding (and the new C++ 2011 standard) to take a look…

The new C++ 2011 standard has really neat things..

For example, on my favorite things is being able to write code like:

Speed speed=9.8m/1s;

This is actually possible with the new user-defined literals.

The new “auto” keyword also looks very good:

auto i=10; // i is an integer
auto it=some_vector.begin(); // it is an iterator to the beginning of some_vector.begin()

The last example is a very good one, since I hate always having to write:

SomeVectorType::iterator it=some_vector.begin();

The Bjarne Stroustrup is very good because it really raises some interesting concepts and ideas… After I finished watching the talk, I felt like refactoring Spellbook as a whole… Smile

Anyway, as soon as we can start trusting the compilers with C++ 2011 (most of the usual ones already have support for some stuff, but there’s not a fully compliant yet), I intend to start a step by step refactoring of the engine.


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