Update #3 – The Updatining

26 Apr

Finally, I have atmospheric currents:


Still need some fine tuning, regarding strength of the effect, etc, but it looks good and behaves as expected…

Though this was going to be easier, until I couldn’t find anywhere a Bezier/Point distance function…

Basically, the currents are 4-point Beziers (randomly generated)… To gauge the force of the current at the ship position, I was going to see the distance to the Bezier, and if it was smaller (and finding the parametric position), I’d compute the 1st order derivative and use that as the force… But finding the distance was a bit harder, so I ended up by having to decompose the Bezier in 10 pieces or so, and do a line/point distance function… It works surprisingly well, to be honest, but it’s a dirty hack!

Next on my work list: the squid enemy (or jellyfish, haven’t decided) enemy, which just moves in simple patterns, unaware of our ship… I think making the asset will be the hardest part… Smile


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