Update #6 – The progressening

27 Apr

I’m blogging very little on this compo, but that’s mainly because I made an aggressive schedule and I’m trying to keep it… Don’t want to go to bed too late, I have to work in the morning!

Anyway, most of the game is done, it’s missing load/save mechanisms (which are pretty easy in this game), tutorials, balancing, polish, another enemy type, music and sound FX… Music will be a pain this time around, since I don’t have access to the wonderful equipment I had in the last couple of compos…

Some screenshots of the latest progress…

Failure is an option:


Level up, and upgrades:


Still considering if I give the game an ending… Don’t know exactly what would that be in this context… And I probably should add some description text as an introduction to what we’re doing, besides the tutorials…

Anyway, catch you in a few hours!


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